About us


Our recipe for excellent cuisine? A drop of history, a pinch of tradition, kilos of culinary creativity, and voilà, that is how Emalia (Enamel) was born.
Hello! We would like to invite you to Emalia Zabłocie! We adore Polish cuisine and have a variety of meat options as well as vegetarian ones. We have a breakfast menu as well as a seasonal main menu. We are a small craft company; we make our own pasta and dumplings (pierogi) and we have our own bread from our Arcymonka Bakery; we also prepare our own meat for the burgers, own sauces and many other delicious goodies! In addition to the food, you will have a delicious coffee at our place with some homemade cake. We have craft beer from a dispenser; we love wine and we could drink prosecco all nights! You are more than welcome!

Taste is the basis

A good product proves itself. It does not need complicated names or exaggerated additions.
If we add passion and commitment, listen to the tastes of our guests, we can be sure that even a seemingly simple dish will be a culinary success. In Emalia, we focus on proven recipes, often breaking the rules, and creating our own flavours. The effect counts, and this is guaranteed to us by satisfied guests who come back and want to discover the secret of good taste with us.


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Three simple rules: have fun cooking, use the best, share a unique taste.

Cooking is a tailor-made work.
It does not matter if you stick to strict rules, or allow yourself a bit of madness. The most important thing is the effect.
If something is good, it is worth remembering.
We are not afraid of using new products and flavours, but we do not give up the menu, which has been permanently recorded in our history.
Eating is a joy, and it is best to share it with your loved ones.
A breakfast, lunch, and dinner together is a special time – an opportunity to try the best.